House of the dead:Overkill

SEGA / Wii, PS3


The House of the Dead: Overkill Extended Cut brings the spectacular gore-fest of Overkill to the Playstation 3 in blood-spattered High Definition, with added 3D support and Playstation Move compatibility. Besides the complete remastering of the original title, this edition adds two brand new scenarios (bringing the total to nine), new enemies and new weapons for the most intensive mutant-killing workout yet!

"We absolutely loved this zombie-splattering rail shooter when it first shuffled into existence on Wii in 2009 - and it's every bit as enjoyable on PS3 with added Move support." - Games Master UK


Overkill, the fifth title in the House of the Dead series, is a gloriously self-aware pulp-style take on the classic Sega light-gun shooters. Take the part of Agent G or his partner, the foul-mouthed bad-ass Agent Washington, as you investigate mysterious disappearances in small-town Louisiana and quickly become embroiled in a plot by a deranged crime lord to unleash a mutant horror upon the world. With gratuitous violence, dialogue and music straight out of exploitation Z-movies, this is one of Headstrong's most distinctive titles and proudly wore its Guinness Book of Records title for the most profanity in a single video game.

"Overkill is as unfettered an arcade shooter as you could possibly hope for. There're no fancy nods toward innovation, no attempts to convolute the action with genre-bending appropriations – it's simply, brilliantly about trigger-finger destruction." - IGN