Pokemon Art Academy Trading Card Competition

Have you ever wanted to have your Pokémon art work on an official Pokémon Trading Card? You do?

Well now is your chance! There is a competition being run over on the official Pokémon website that lets you do just that. All you have to do is: 

"Submit your image directly from Pokémon Art Academy to the Miiverse Community. Be sure to add a title to your submission using the caption field. You may submit art in both the Favorite Pokémon and Pikachu Cosplay categories. Only the first submission for each Nintendo Network ID will be eligible to win. Images will be accepted between February 18 and March 29, 2015. The art will then be reviewed and winners will be chosen. Look for email notification in April to see if your entry has been selected! We will send you your unique Pokémon TCG cards in autumn 2015."

There are two categories to enter. Draw your favourite Pokémon where you can draw any Pokémon you like and "Dress-up Pikachu". Where you draw Pikachu "wearing the most imaginative costume you can come up with".


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